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out today if san francisco is one of the candidates and the city presents a formal plan to make a presentation to the nfl to be the host of super bowl 50. >>> today the warriors plan to present a proposed drawing of their arena in san francisco. the arena would be situated on the far outer edge of piers 30 and 32. the idea is to make the 135- foot tall arena appear smaller and create a sense of open space. >>> and the giants started off on the wrong foot last night in the national league championship series. they lost game 1 last night to the cardinals. game 2 will be tonight. >> reporter: unfortunately the san francisco giants didn't make it through game one but they did put up a good fight all the way to the last inning. unfortunately yesterday wasn't the day for bay area sports. >>> two runs on two pitches power the yardals to the 6-run lead but the giants rallied with four runs in the fourth inning with a key two-run triple in the fourth. they were making several nice catches but unfortunately the team couldn't rally late in the game. giants fans say it's not over till it's
along the coast mainly in the low to mid 60s. >>> if you are headed to san francisco airport 380 eastbound from 280, very slow earlier accident there cleared. second fender-bender in the back-up slow but getting through. south 101 before whipple second accident blocking a lane. problem southbound 880 near the montague with stalled big rig skwaoeufpt >> governor brown is taking action to put the brakes on gas prices which saw a rapid increase and all-time highs 0 the weekend. sue thompson isly in emeryville. -- >> reporter: good morning gas prices now still remain high jut un$5 a gallon at the shell station. -- just under $5 a gallon at the shell station. governor brown has taken emergency action he did this sunday. brown is calling for refineries to go ahead and start producing what is called a winter blend mix of gasoline. this gasoline typically is not produced by the refineries until after halloween. due to the skyrocketing prices in the last week, governor brown wants this to take place immediately this is a cheaper mix of gas to produce, which will translate into lower price
>>> good morning i'm sue thompson live in san francisco in the headlines this morning, why shopping in san francisco could cost you a lot more money, it is a new ordinance starting today. we'll tell you how you might be able to escape the extra fees. -- [ inaudible ] >>> i think sue pay's attention to mike's forecast before she comes into work she must call him or something. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. you should dress appropriately for the hot weather. >> absolutely you want to be careful heading back to work especially if you work outside, a scar. er in many areas. -- a scorcher in many areas, no clouds, no rain, no drizzle, no mist. what we have is the potential for poor air quality especially in the east bay valleys and also the east bay hills in the santa clara valley a spare the air today many coast warm, low 70s to low 80s under total sunshine, hot around the bay, sunny, 84 to 91 extreme heat will start to develop inland 92 to possibly 103. that's your heatwave for now. >>> 5:0 starting today in san francisco, take your own shopping bag to the
lane. >>> developing news out of san francisco. early morning chase and shooting and crash, left busy intersection closed. amy hollyfield is live in the western addition to tell us what happened. >> reporter: it ended here at franklin with a crash quite a reaction to police just trying to pull a white car over because officers say the light on the plate was out. the guys took off. there was a high speed chase then a crash when the car ran a red light at franklin and eddie. the white car crash food a taxicab. before they crashed police say the passenger was firing shots at the police officers. once the crash happened the two men took off, running. officers ran after them. they were able to catch one the shooter. the driver did get away. they are still looking for one man. police officers were okay, none hurt. the taxi driver was taken to the hospital. he has an injured hand. he's going to be fine. police say given how fast the guys were going it is amazing there weren't more injuries and the injuries weren't more serious. the investigators are here taking a look at the scene trying to
to the streets of san francisco this morning for the nike women's marathon. it as gorgeous and grueling course in the city that end in golden gate park. >> all the runners are going behind you. hi, lorraine. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. there are thousands and thousands of runners out here. 20,000. they are taking off over here pore the nike women's largest marathon in the world with 25,000 runners who woke up early this morning. got on the race gear to run a half marathon or marathon and these go to the lymphoma society. olympic mad delist, she is out here running a half marathon. she will be celebrating her 40th birthday out here with a healthy start. you can see the runners taking to the streets. they are decked out in the running gear and it is a pretty course and starts in union square and that is all around downtown san francisco. you can see people with signs out here. with the cellphones and taking video. music is loud out here. there is a time clock that says we are three minutes. 22 seconds right now and that's the start over there. it is supposed to be nike town where they s
two games at home, then head to st. louis. game six and seven will be played in san francisco, if necessary. >> developing news, the space shuttle endeavour is still inching his way to its new home in los angeles at the california science center. this is a live look. you know the shuttle was supposed to arrive last night by 9:00, but it had to take a break. it started rolling again around 1:30 this morning and has since traveled another 8 blocks with roughly a mile and a half to go. now there's no single reason for this delay. it's the accumulation of a lot of small problems along the way. in one case a tree that planners thought would not be in the way had to be cut down. it has to be very carefully maneuvering around light poles as well. what you are looking at now is how endeavor made a much quicker pass through the bay area on september 21st when it flew over on the back of a specially-equipped boeing 747 on its way to l.a. >>> we have more developing news for you now. extreme athlete feel felix bumgarner is on his way to mike a skydive from 23 miles above the earth. and t
in san francisco. that will be tonight. all to raise more campaign cash. r & b singer john legend will be on hand to perform. and earlier this afternoon once the president arrives here he also has an event at the intercontinental hotel where alex smith is expected to attend. mr. obama spent yesterday down in l.a. doing fundraising as well. he spoke at a star studded event that included a performance by stevey wonder. his two day event could push the president over the $1 billion mark in fundraising. in september he hauled in a record setting $181 million. now despite his lackluster debate performance, the president last night struck a confident tone at the event. >> but here's the good news is we've got a better vision for our country. we have a better plan for the next four years. >> reporter: and before the president flies up to the bay area this afternoon, he will make a stop into central valley in the town of king, california. that is where he will announce the establishment of the caesar chavez national monument. of course once the president arrives here in the bay area, you
tuesday, more than 700 people are expected to attend a public memorial at san francisco's city hall. and then two days later, the california symphony will day tribute to a concert in walnut creek. >>> president obama will be back in san francisco later today to raise money for his re- election campaign. the president will begin the day in the central valley to dead -- for a -- for a deadcation. a dinner hosted by alice waters and then a concert with john legend follows. republican presidential momny, mitt romney is expected to deliver a foreign policy speech today at the virginia institute. coming up at 7:15, the changes that he says he would make and the results of the latest gallup pole in gal -- gallup poll. allie rasmus is live -- >>> alley rasmus live at a pumpkin weighoff. off to our left, you can the stage where the pumpkins will be hoisted via forklift. >> reporter: the growers are competing for thousands of dollars in prizes. last year's pumpkin weighed 17,000 pounds. the grower took home an $11,000 prize. we talked to some of the contestants and they said there's a lot of
, carquinez bridge with a fog advisory, richmond san rafael bridge thick fog. >>> san francisco's city leaders could find out today if the 49ers new stadium is super enough to compete to host football's biggest game. cornell bernard at the new site. >> reporter: good morning. the new 49ers' stadium is taking shape behind me. just imagine the super bowl being played here in the next five years. that's what the city of san francisco is hoping for as it finds out later this morning if it is indeed this running to host the super bowl in 2016 or 2017. the nfl requires the host team play at least two full season to qualify. super bowl would bring millions to the bay area and san francisco. a city which has proven it can host world class events. business owners say the pros of hosting a super bowl is amazing it >> i think it is aidan -- fantastic plus you have all the transportation issues to get to santa clara, very easy. phenomenal hotels, restaurants, hospitality >> it a wonderful idea. i've been a fan for many years about time. >> reporter: if the nfl gives the green light to proceed san francisc
'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. shots fired at an undercover police officer in san francisco's mission district. >> one suspect under arrest right now and another man is looking for two other suspects. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran has the latest. she joins us with the latest. >> reporter: actually i did mention it earlier. the mission district is where they are looking for the suspects. the good news is there are no injuries reported so far. you can take a look at the damage done to one officer's car. san francisco police say this all started at 1:0 this morning when an undercover officer was shot at multiple times from the moving car. the police department says there were three suspects inside. three suspects jumped out of the car. the officer caught up with one suspect and then pd at the time set up a perimeter to try and find the other two. as far as we know, those two suspects are still outstanding and they are currently looking for them at this point. the investigation is under way. we are hoping to get more information as the story develops later on this morning. live in the miss
>> we began with news out of san francisco. a fire is burning in the west portal area. at 9 west portal ave. it is a commercial building at that address. it broke out just after 5:00 a.m. this morning. fire crews are there and we have a crew headed out. we will give you details from the scene. >> will trget it under control.s house is now completely destroyed. the firefighters are securing the scene to allow investigators to come back later and find out the cause. here is video from for 3:00 p.m.. 20 minutes into the fire and he slams for coming from the back of the house, the side of just about all the sections of the home. a middle-age couple lived at the house. they were woken by the flames in the kitchen area. they manage to get out but they did suffer some injuries. the man h inj6managed the neighbors sprayed the bush is down so they could not catch on fire. with that action as was the quick action from the fire department they managed to contain the fire only to this place. there were no fatalities however there were a few pets inside that died from the fire. there was live
to san francisco general hospital. no details on the shooting. suspect is still on the loose. >> eric: a horrifying school in new york city. a mother arrived home last night to her upper west side apartment to find two young children had been stabbed to death in the bathtub. nanny had self-inflicted stabbing wounds. ee shoe has been arrested. there is no indication for the motive for killing the children. >> kristen: happening later this morning, funeral services are planned for former presidential candidate george mcgovern. hundreds of people paid their respects to the senator. vice president biden remembered him as someone that was respected by both republicans and democrats. he was 90 years old. >> a suicide bombing has killed 35 people in northern afghanistan. bombing happened in a town while people gathered at mosque to celebrate a holiday. top officials from a local province governor and police chief when the bomber set off the explosives. civilians made up most of casualties. no one mass claimed responsibility for the attack yet. >> a truce is under way in syria this morning. [
: it was a must have business meeting that brought marty and colleagues to san francisco. getting back home was an even more desperate effort. >> it is an anxiety. i know my house will be under water and my son's house will be under water. we hope for the best. >> hell. no other word. hell. i have a wife at home. >> reporter: he spent the morning changing the flight. >> our flight was supposed to leave at 6:00 now. that was to chicago. now we're trying another option to go to l.a. we're changing. okay. we're going back to l.a. >> l.a. to new york tomorrow. >> reporter: with an average of a dozen delays on a good day. there have been 1,400 canceled flights. most of them between sfo and the northeast airport. the couple more than a fluke. >> i live in san diego. expect the best weather in the whole united states. it is fogged in. that is crazy. >> reporter: it has been crazier for the two who are bracing themselves for what they will see when they get home hopefully tomorrow afternoon. >> we can fix the property. that is not the issue. everybody has to be safe. that's all we're praying for. >
abc-7 at >> that breaking news is out of san francisco. several buildings evacuated because of a hazmat situation. a man killed himself using poison gas. it happened in an apartment at powell and columbus about 7:30 tonight. this is a live look at the scene right now. as a precaution police evacuated 15 people from the building and several other buildings nearby. the red cross is on the scene. in the last hour police did let some people back into their homes on the opposite side of the street. >>> our other big story, the traffic mess around the bay area as drivers work around the san mateo bridge closure. roads backed up for miles and drivers sitting in traffic for hours. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll mass a. -- plaza. moving pretty smoothly right now but that's not how it was today. >> traffic is moving normally for a saturday night here at this bay bridge toll plaza. if you were traveling on any one of the bay area's bridges or freeways, you know how closing one bridge can affect traffic everywhere. >> this bridge was closed for repairs and this what drivers w
i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. >>> some breaking news in san francisco. flames are shooting out of a popular restaurant in the city's west portal neighborhood and the muni tunnel is now being shut down. we have team coverage with elizabeth in traffic. >> in traffic. but first we are going right to cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran on the scene with the very latest. cate what can you tell us. >> reporter: i can tell you that the fire started in the squat and gobble popular restaurant here in san francisco. crews are busy battling flames. there's heavy smoke in the air. this restaurant is completely gutted. it is a complete loss for the building here. i can see already dozens of firefighters here on scene trying to tackle this fire. they have been at it for quite a while. crews say that they got the call right at around 4:00, 4:14 this morning and the fire quickly grew to three alarms. flames were shooting up as high as 10 to 20 feet. heavy smoke in the area and now they have set up a perimeter here along west portal. they have shut down as i was talking about
and we are thrilled to bring a world series back to san francisco. >> reporter: your best bet is online stubhub, standing room only $375 and the highest prices going for $10,000. now, frank and liz, i told you this morning there was a contest that the giants are going to set up for two free world series tickets. i just looked it up. in order to apply or to get a chance to win you have to romo bomb, you have to insert a creative one of our own photos and tweet it with the hashtag romo bomb until tonight. cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> okay. >>> for everything giants including a game recap and tweets and how you can get some of that fan gear that cate talked about, go to game one tonight night at 5 p.m. at tony tantillo park. the other big question will the rain get in the way of the game? >> it was fun. how about the weather? >> it was wet at the end of the game yesterday. we're not done with it yet. look at the clouds off the coast. expected to see more stormy weather sweeping onshore. let's time it out. rain developing overnight. more showers tomorrow morning and by 5:00 at game t
in san francisco. this happened about 8:30 tonight. a coast guard cutter and other smaller boats came to the rescue to take the 22 people back to shore. >> i think i was the only one concerned because i don't like boats but everyone else was loving it. >> i was loving it as soon as we got off the boat that wasn't sinking. now i'm cool with it. >> no one was hurt. the coast guard near the ferry building is pumping water out of it so it can be towed to shore. >>> a bakery hit the jackpot when starbucks bought it for $100 million a few months ago but now some workers say hundreds of employees have received an ultimatum, and it may cost them their jobs. in a story you will only see on cbs 5, reporter sharon chin on the warning letters and the one thing these workers have to prove. >> reporter: workers say they will be fired in two months because they are illegal immigrants. they don't have firm numbers but up to 400 people could be fired. we obtained a letter to an employee of la boulange from the new owner starbucks that says there is a discrepancy in social security numbers and they hav
is expected to make a ruling on on tuesday. >> a san francisco likes to tout itself as a green city. some are just learning about the change in policy. they're not happy bit. abc 7 news is live in san francisco. >> hi, carolyn. you know they hatch out the budget here, trees lose out to public health, public safety programs for the homeless. so unless some money comes from somewhere, homeowners are going to have to pick up the tab. >> san francisco has about 100,000 trees. most of them about 65,000 are pry at this time vitly maintained. some have decided to plant trees to soften the environment. she's opposed to a push that will force her neighbors to take responsibility for something that is always been outside their front door. >> i think it's an imposition for people who have inherited a tree. >> the job belongs to the department of public works but after years of cuts, it can't keep up with the recommended cycles for pruning trees in the public right aright of way. but supervisor scott weiner says the responsibility is not the answer. >> this makes no sense for us to require property o
this is not just san francisco fans people drove in from merced, l.a., huge broadcast tv setter wrecked in front of the park. the giants are definitely on the big stage now. the world series doesn't just bring out rabid fans it brings out bomb squads, bomb sniffing dogs and x-ray months from local, state and federal agencies. >> world series is big going to be a lot of people here, different things happening want to make sure san francisco stays say >> reporter: before any truck can go to at&t park it has to pass through an x-ray machine this truck is carrying hot dogs, candy and other concessions for fans. >> we are going to run it through the trucks here do our scanner and see if there is any anomaly. >> reporter: officers are looking for problems, fans are looking for tickets. >> i dove up from l.a. last night -- i drove up from l.a. last night, slept in my truck, they said there was no tickets. >> reporter: he found a scalper and is hoping for the best. >> seemed honest enough. i don't know. i don't know what the frisco crowd is like. >> reporter: he paid $150 each for standing room only. fo
. despite a tough economy the bay area is in fact booming. how a san francisco theater company is banking on a rise in customers as it it expands into a new theater. plus, new concern about what facebook does with your information. why privacy advocates say facebook may be selling out its users. >>> also, a family pet targeted by thieves. the plea and the pledge made by the family inthe hope that they will see little mico, once >>> the family of an 18-year-old killed by oakland police is still looking for answers is into what happened the day that he was shot. police say that allen blueford pointed a gun at the officer and now have released a portion of the police report. here is abc 7 news reporter nick smith. >> we are just trying to get answers and we said and said and said and we haven't been able to get any answers. at every turn we have been shut down. >> reporter: the family continues to demand answers related to the death of their son. last night's city council meeting filled once again with family and supporter who accuse police and city leaders of dragging their feet and releasi
in most spots. already 65 degrees in san francisco. 64 san jose. 62 degrees in livermore and only going up from here. in fact, by the afternoon, it is going to be hot again in spots. inland usually in the 70s and 80s. today well above the average. probably some triple digits especially in the east bay valleys. 100 degrees in livermore. about 86 degrees in san francisco. and about 97 in santa rosa. enjoy it. we have some major changes coming our way. we'll talk more about that in a moment. first let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> we are going towards the bay bridge where if you want to beat the rush you can head out right about now because there's no metering lights and this is our pattern that we always see forming outer cash lanes starting to back up to the middle of the parking lot or beyond. this is a great reason to take fastrak. the middle lanes looking good heading into san francisco and we'll let you know as soon as they turn the metering lights on. in the meantime, very stop and go out of the altamont pass all the way towards the dublin interchange. pretty busy through liverm
>> that breaking news is out of san francisco. several buildings evacuated because of a hazmat situation. a man killed himself using poison gas. it happened in an apartment at powell and columbus about 7:30 tonight. this is a live look at the scene right now. as a precaution police evacuated 15 people from the building and several other buildings nearby. the red cross is on the scene. in the last hour police did let some people back into their homes on the opposite side of the street. >>> our other big story, the traffic mess around the bay area as drivers work around the san mateo bridge closure. roads backed up for miles and drivers sitting in traffic for hours. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll mass a. -- plaza. moving pretty smoothly right now but that's not how it was today. >> traffic is moving normally for a saturday night here at this bay bridge toll plaza. if you were traveling on any one of the bay area's bridges or freeways, you know how closing one bridge can affect traffic everywhere. >> this bridge was closed for repairs and this what drivers would have wi
mild out the door. san francisco is 68 degrees right now. that's hard to believe. 63 degrees in livermore. 62 in san jose. as we head toward the afternoon, again, it is going to be hot in spots about 97 degrees in morgan hill. 93 san jose, east bay temperatures again pushing triple digits in some areas, maybe a couple of degrees cooler but not by much. 100 degrees in antioch. livermore 100. 89 in oakland, 92 degrees hayward, more on your weather coming up plus a major cooldown heading our way. more on that in a few minutes. >>> new this morning, police in oakland are looking into a pair of deadly shootings overnight. both happened last night on macarthur boulevard. it first happened on the 9000 block just before 9:00. a man was shot several times there. he died at the scene. the other was about an hour and a half later on the 2000 block same street macarthur boulevard. that mac also died at the scene. so far there are no suspects in either of those shootings. >>> later this morning, the superintendent of a school district in albany will address the death of a teacher. james i
lives in san francisco, and at the home police found meth, drug scales and the date rape drug. earlier prosecutors said there was no evidence of drug activity with children. he will be back in court on november 7th. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >>> a sanford professor now the proud winner of the nobel prize for chemistry. brian kobilka is a professor of molecular physiology. they won the prize this morning for ground breaking studies of proteins that allow body cells to respond to signals from outside. >>> now an update on the story we've been following all morning. several businesses are damaged after huge flames swept through overnight. it happened on alavodo boulevard one firefighter cut his hand while fiting the flames. crews had to use so much water to fight the flames they unintentionally formed a small lake. it began in a corner business and destroyed ten businesses and took out a chunk of the roof. investigators are trying to figure out what started it all. >>> in richmond a lightning strib could be to blame. it happened near the richmond parkway about 2:15. a palette man
in san jose. 62 in san francisco and about 60 degrees in pacifica with some partly cloudy skies there. as we look toward the next couple of days we are going to warm up saturday. sunday looks nice, 80s popping in the valleys. weak system drops in on monday that may bring clouds and hold the temperatures down but after that, we could very well see those offshore winds kicking in. if that happens, maybe temperatures back into the upper 80s, maybe low 90s as we head into thursday. 60s maybe near 70 degrees out toward the coastline. >> let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> fire crews are on scene at west portal. we are hearing one alarm. we are gathering more information and give you more in a little bit. live look at traffic sensors on highway 4 westbound and eastbound so far looks okay antioch and concord. elsewhere live look at the golden gate bridge. they may have picked up roadwork at the span southbound 101 from the north tower towards the toll plaza. i saw some lane change crews earlier so we have more southbound 101 lanes open towards doyle drive. so lawrence said we have the b
boat. cornell bernard is live at san francisco's pier 39. we understand you have new information about the boat? >> reporter: we learning the boat was taken to sausalito last night for repairs. coastguard has a lot of degrees for the party boat's captain. it took a scary turn and hate rock and started to sink. luckily everyone is safe after being rescued by the coastguard last night. 18 men on board, all wearing life vests were taken to pier 39. it on board the neptune, 40-foot party boat. it struck rocks near alcatraz tearing two holes in the underside. there was chaos and confusing is on board. >> we were hanging out. we were on the boat for 20 minutes and then all of a sudden it was like a big jolt. next thing we knew, coastguard boat came in and got us out. >> put on your life vests and you could tell it was going down. it was taking on water. >> we were off course navigation. we just accidentally were on the inside of the buoy instead of the outside and we hit what we call little alcatraz. >> reporter: it's a shoal of rock near the island. they will talk with captain and crew why
san francisco, 800 customers in the dark. >>> 5:05. new this morning, a train in fremont actually collides into a truck splitting it in two. the accident happened around 3 a.m. this morning on auto mall parkway near noble drive. it appears the truck driver drove on the railroad crossing tracks. the vehicle was struck and a union pacific cargo train hit it after the vehicle got stuck. the driver got out before the collision. this is in a remote part of fremont so no marriage traffic delays to report. >>> -- so no major traffic delays to report. pagan! game over! game 7 tomorrow night. >> and that game 7 is a got to win it game for the giants. last night they beat the cardinals 6-1 in game 6. they looked great so the moment of truth, well, it's here. tonight the final game of the national league championship series starts at 5:00 tonight. the winner moves on to the world series. the loser is done. let's get over to cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran with more on the exciting run for the world series. they don't make it easy. >> reporter: so close you can taste it. the giants are basically
ensure drivers are licensed screened and insured to carry passengers. san francisco-based firm uber received the same letter in 2010. >>> another possible setback for the north bay's smart train project. the line was originally going to run from northern sonoma county all the way to the larkspur ferry. with the economic downturn the first phase of the project was shortened from santa rosa to san rafael and now as cbs 5 reporter don ford shows us, the smart train may have run into another problem. >> reporter: construction crews are started tearing out the old to bring in the new. old rails and ties being torn out. environmental activists say las colinas creek is home to two special guest. >> there is sensitive habitats two endangered species living here. >> reporter: he belies disturbing the old wooden railroad ties is a dumb thing for smart to do. he wants the work stopped. smart train chief engineer says he may get his wish for a while. >> we are not doing any construction work at this time. we are simply removing the rail, the ties, the construction itself taking place next sprin
news. >>> woman of the worst destruct after the game happened in san francisco's mission district. that's where kira klapper joins us live. >> reporter: the aftermath of last night's celebration still remains this morning, not very much, i'll get out of the way so you can see some trash piles charged black they were much bigger a bit ago, trucks have been here all morning, streets are soaking wet from cleaning crews not from any sort of rain. let's get you to the video of what this aftermath is of. we have sky 7 hd video of revelers on mission street setting big bonfires. the fans were dancing and celebrating around the flames throughout the night they burned trash chance, couches, matresses, signs even newspaper racks. police and fire actually stood back most of the time they let the rowdy celebrations unfold. only when the flames threatened buildings fire crews had to be escorted in by police on dirt bikes, making room through the crowds, as you can imagine the streets were completely blocked. at times people jumped into the flames others flu gasoline creating some fire -- others thro
to this hearing today to discuss the budget whoas also of the san francisco unified school district and how city partners helped us out of a very deep hole and continue to help keep us afloat and offer services to our students. i think another thing nancy wamack could maybe refresh us on is maybe that if the november ballot measures do not pass, we the governor has talked about additional school days cut. nancy, would you like to elaborate on that number, please? >> sure, commissioner. in the final version of the budget they changed the particular item to allow for an additional 15 days per year that could be cut rather than across 15 days the cross two years in january and may is version. state is now allowing up to 20 days per year to be cut from the school and from the school year, which is obviously atrocious. >> right. that would mean one month of school not being in session. this is really the state recommendation on how we should balance our budget is cut one month of instructions. that is just crazy and inexcusable. but i want to speak a little bit about what extra funds might do for our
're seeing it and san francisco with a 6-1 victory to even the series on to a game seven they will go. matt cain will be on the mound for the giants against kyle loesh and just kind of an interesting note with regard to game seven, 12 of the last 13 game sevens in postseason play have been won by the home team. you better believe the giants are hoping that that extreme trend continues again tomorrow night. you will see it here right on channel 2, 6 6-1 the giants. >>> well that large and very loud orange twirls crowd were alive with every pitch and it worked. john sasaki is live with more. >> reporter: another huge night for the giants they had to win again and they did. fans from all across the bay area are going crazy tonight. they know they have to win just one more game to head back to the world series. >> this is the giants they do this torture to us and i always believe in them. they make it tough but they pull through. >> the giants play with a chemistry. they are so talented. they don't sweat anything, they come back and they come three back and they just beat you. >> the day start
that we all rise above, i think, this experience, which is agonizing for all of san francisco. >> reporter: he took time to talk with nbc bay area before he returned to the office. he says he's exhausted but ready to get back to the business of being sheriff. >> i'll honor all of the publicly elected offices that this city requires us to do so. this is what a mayor does. >> reporter: mayor ed lee says he'll work with him, but he's not happy with the board of supervisors' decision to reinstate him. >> i'm disappointed at these four individual supervisors who i think found their way to find an excuse. this is not what i believe to be qualities of someone holding the office of sheriff of the city and county of san francisco. >> reporter: that's not phasing mirarimi. esdz he told responsibility for bruising wife, and he says all he's been through will make him an even better sheriff. >> looking in the mirror and just not happy with myself, but doing everything i possibly can to be a better man, husband and father, better public servant. a lot of soul-searching and intro spekz. >> reporter: the
day, san francisco in downtown. not @ airport, in the city. and oakland into the 90s for a second straight day. this is the warmest two-day stretch of weather in downtown san francisco since october of 2010. nearly two years ago. but guess what? things are changing. already the winds are blowing in. we'll talk about how chilly we'll get in ten minutes. >> and nobody is cleaning. thanks, paul. >> a trite little tribute for you. obama, mccain, how about a dash of ross perot? >> nope. no, no, and no. >> all right. >> give up? >> important commitment which i am trying to realize and continue to do so in the future. >> . >> it was jimmy carld in 1980. that showdown had an audience of 80 million people. the numbers hover around 60 million. the sarah palin debate bumped that number up over 70 million for only the second time in debate history. or maybe it was joe biden. i don't know. tomorrow night, another presidential debate will go into the contest involving two men who haven't spent a lot of quality time together lately. flash back to 2008 and there they are, senator barack o
and hardly any cars coming into san francisco. still roadwork north 101 cortamadera until 6:00 this morning couple of lanes blocked. if you are out this weekend annual pumpkin festival at half moon bay expect major delays highway 92 and highway 1. to get around all this let's take a look at your waze app a little slowing on skyline boulevard on 92. you can download this free to navigate this traffic jam this weekend. >>> 4:40. >>> planning a trip to the post office? you might want to stock up on stamps while there. >>> larry ellison's empire could soon include two pro sports teams >> if you booked a flight on american airlines for the holidays, call ahead. the latest cuts could leave you stranded. >>> happening now the space shuttle endeavour is on its final journey not airborne, but down city streets in los angeles. these are live pictures. more on this complicated journey. >>> first, this morning's tech bites. >>> samsung unveils smaller version of galaxy smartphone features four inch display, five mega pixel camera. runs on jelly bean. microsoft executive says the comp
to the northwest of san francisco. it does encompass point arena and fort bragg. the advisory basically means monitor the conditions, stay out of the water. there could be some very large waves. there could also be some very large currents. this again is a developing situation, so we'll keep a watchful eye on that. >>> meanwhile, on the other side of the country, we have hurricane sandy, encompassing a whole lot of real estate. it's end, 450 miles. that's how far it extends. anticipated landfall is about this time tomorrow night or early monday morning. it's actual point of landfall is still not known, but it should be anywhere from maryland to new england. the bottom line, what we do know, up to a foot of rain is expected. this has such gusty winds associated with it, we will certainly see downed power lines and outages, this just a week before the presidential election. and there will be a lot of beach erosion as all of this coincides with the full moon and higher tide. now, back home, clear skies in san jose. today's high was 76 degrees. currently it is 60 there. highs across the bay area
take you live to san francisco. the winner goes on to the world series. here's a look at the baseball park live. the team cruised to victory to force that final game. we have live team coverage of tonight's win. john sasaki is live outside of at&t park where he's been talking with fans but we begin with mark ibanez with the highlights, mark. >> absolutely. well you know giant fans have been having to hear it's an elimination game for them. one time after another it seems, well how about tonight. it looks more like the cardinals are facing an elimination game to be the best you have to beat the best and the cards are after all the world champs but the giants get out quick tonight. score one in the first and vogelsan with a fake bunt runner at third and it works to perfection. and the giants lead it 2-0. but it was just beginning in the inning, marco scutero hammering one again down the left field line. two runs will score and that includes vogelsan, humoring -- lumbering around from first. vogelsan the big story. giving up only four hit there is was no question he was in control as wa
air coming through. cool and breezy. san francisco's picked up .75 of rain. our observer with the up to date rainfall totals -- up-to- date rainfall totals. the heaviest rain will be in the north bay. but there's some areas that are really starting to pick up. sin noel, fremont, milpitas, there's more off the coast. half moon bay, also picking up in intensity. for us, our concern is not only for the rains but what is coming up upstream. eureka, fort bragg mendocino county, .75. snow is going on the sierra nevada and will continue to pick up. 31 at blue canyon. the wind advisories are out. winter storm warnings. that's the cool, unstable air that comes in tonight. that's what makes me nervous. that's one of those hit-and- miss deals. the wind is still out of the southeast. the storm front has not gone through. morning rain, windy, cooler. some sunbreaks. we'll cloud it up and get some showers and temperatures really on the cool side with a lot of 60s. this is the main front. there could be another front. we went kind of unsettled. the morning lows will be very, very cool, thursday, fr
's unbelievable. you know. be so happy today and we win the world series and people in san francisco happy, it's amazing. >> reporter: thanks a lot. we got the giants team in alpha bet cal order, helmsley, that's a nifty car. i don't know what that's about. send it back to you guys because it's just nutty out here. >> thank you, mike. >> if control can pull up that picture one more time, brandon crawford. >> he was five years ol. >> that's him on the right. this was taken when the giants thought they prayed their last game in san francisco and crawford had gone to the game as a little kid and of course he ends up becoming a major league shortstop with the giants. there's two guys, this parade would not have happened if it was not for two guys. one was bob lury who saved the team from going to toronto, i want to say it was like '76. and lury was one and peter mcgowan stepped up and saved it from leaving again. these are two figures and lob lury still goes to a lot of games and they were -- they saved the giants from leaving san francisco. >> there's juan marichal waving to the crowd. you talk
. >>> detroit tigers are headed to the american league championship series and a swing and a miss. san francisco giants will advance to the nlcs. >> all that -- >> what happened? did you lose something? >> my buddy, joe biden for just making stuff up. >> used poor judgment when it published pictures of the vice presidential nominee pumping iron just hours before last night's debate. >> did you guys see me? come to the debate stay for the gun show. captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." joe biden and paul ryan clashed time and time again throughout last night's vice presidential debate both men under pressure governor romney building momentum after the first presidential dough bait. >> 50% said biden won, 31% said ryan won and 19% called it a tie. also in that poll 55% said biden is someone they can relate to. 21 points higher than before the debate. ryan's relatability went up 17 points to 48% and 85% said biden is knowledgeable about the issues and 75% said the same thing about paul ryan. jan crawford is at the debate site in
, clear conditions. highs will be comfortable. 72 in livermore, 65 in san francisco. we have a better chance for showers as we head through your tuesday. >> and that's your weather. savannah, over to you. >> maria, thank you. >>> police in philadelphia are investigating a wild scene at a hotel over the weekend. a brawl involving two wedding parties that ended with injuries, arrests, and one man's death from a heart attack. nbc katie tur has the story. >> reporter: the nasty clash between the two wedding parties was all caught on tape. there's no word why it started, but police in the city of brotherly love say there was too many people with too much to drink and now one of those families is in mourning. this isn't the wedding video they were hoping for. watch as philadelphia cops try to break up a fight between not just one but two wedding parties early sunday morning. look carefully, you'll see a woman in white falls to the ground. >> did they just deck the bride? >> reporter: that's the voice of a 15-year-old that tapes it from the second floor of the sheridan. >> started punching e
. it was 93 in downtown l.a., 97 in vegas. even san francisco was very warm around san francisco and napa, all the way back to sacramento this weekend. it will be warm again today. not really a cloud in site here. this big huge area of high pressure overhead, plenty of sunshine. some areas where the mountain terrain was just right. we should see near record highs today. l.a., 101, one of the hottest days we've seen this year on october around the century mark. in yuma, that's like mid summer heat, 108. >>> it looks like the month of august, predictions are for a pretty warm october all through the west. >> crazy. 101 in l.a.? >> they need rain. the northwest had one of the driest septembers ever. >> i'll take the sunshine any day. i know they need it. >>> a new quarter begins, pump prices fall. bonnie and clyde's guns go for anything but a steal. your early morning business headlines straight ahead. >>> plus, baby, baby, baby, an unbelievable incident at the beginning of justin bieber's believe tour. you're watching "early today." >>> a very good morning to you. welcome back to "early today."
real subway line in san francisco. the suit was filed yesterday hoping to stall or kill the 1.7 mi. central subway. the suit claims that it planned station entrance at union the suspect that tried to abduct a child bradley mezzo ira was arrested. he is suspected of trespassing onto to others in the tail school's one was bayside stem academy where a man made lewd comments and ashford alcohol to two boys --offered. he remains in custody without bail. >> firefighters are going door-to-door in to have residents keep an eye out for serial arsonist. they residents keep an eye out for serial arsonist. they a[ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. lane. firefighters are concerned. none of the fires have spread to buildings but they're worried that they might. no suspects have not been identified as of yet. checking out the view that the coliseum, of the side of last night's magical performance by
&t park. the nfl is expected to announce today if san francisco will host the super bowl in 2016 or 2017. the game if picked will be played at the new stadium and santa clara. i think you're going to like the weather. it's coming up after the break. ,,,,,, >>> good morning, the south bay is getting peppered with accidents and likely because of this. check out this thick fog. traffic is buried. it's jammed up. and you can barely see the traffic because the fog is so thick. we have a number of fog advisories. for several of the bridges, coming across the golden gate and heading across the san francisco, and both directions close the at double fly because of the head on collision. that is traffic. for more on the weather here's more. >>> high pressure building overhead compressing down near the surface. cloudy skies and we're starting out with with that fog. temperatures running in the 50s right now. by the afternoon, that fog's going to lift. mid-80s inland, 60s coast side. next couple l of days the fog goes away. hot temperatures by the middle of the week. ,,,,,,,, . >>> with all due resp
in new york's hamptons, and san francisco suburb hillsborough rounded out the top five. any of your second or third homes, bill, in there? >>> well, the yanks reach the brink and some superstar sauce sells for big bucks. plus, u.s. soccer heads to the final round of the world cup qualifying. your sports headlines are straight ahead. >>> lynn, you know i'm not comfortable talking about my incredible wealth on tv. your forecast is coming up. a little active in the middle of the nation. you're watching "early today." >>> in sports, first we head to detroit for the a.l. championship series. the tigers delmon young hit a solo homer. miguel cabrera had an rbi double. and detroit ace justin verlander pitched shutout ball through the eighth inning. the 2-1 win makes game 4 sudden death for the winless yankees. >>> check this out now. a racing catamaran capsized in san francisco bay while practicing for the cup race. the boat just tumbled end over end. >>> to football now where eagles head coach andy reid fired defensive coordinator juan castillo marking the first time reid has dismissed a c
at the coast. and it was even warm yesterday in san francisco. hope you enjoyed that at 86 degrees. now, as far as this morning goes, it's another warm morning out there, temperatures in the 70s, the 60s. the cool spots all the way from about central nevada northwards, up through idaho and all areas, except coastal spots of oregon and washington state. now, things are going to change. we're clear as could be this morning with high pressure. that's why we got a good night of radiational cooling from all the warm air from the ground that escapes into the atmosphere, but the next storm is coming and ahead of that, winds will shift more or less from an ocean breeze. the next storm will move in with rain after about 11:00 a.m. in seattle today, especially tonight. it's going to put down an inch to two inches, especially further north into puget sound and the cascades, less towards portland, but the next little shot of rain will be the first of a series of damp days in the northwest. notice all the be right around 80 degrees. well, i think it's finally safe to say i think that's probably going to be
sunshine today. we'll see numbers mostly in the low to mid-70s inland and upper 60s san francisco and from here through the next seven days, things will start to warm up. you'll notice the warm up towards the middle part of the week as summer makes a come back to the bay area. 80s and 90s inland starting on monday through the end of the we're ng told is a looming threat against the united states from iran. not a nuclear weapon, but a cyber attack. the secretary of defense says it could create havoc across the country. more now from nbc's pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski. >> reporter: it's predicted that cyberspace will become the world's next major battlefield. but in a national call to arms, defense secretary leon panetta warned the threat of a significant cyber attack against america is already here. >> the collective results of these kinds of attacks could be a cyber pearl harbor. >> reporter: panetta warned that cyber attackers have tried to shut down america's critical infrastructure, power, water, transportation, and major financial institutions. >> such a destructive cyber te
. the children's father, an executive at cnbc, was flying back from a business trip in san francisco and was notified when he arrived in new york. the 50-year-old nanny survived the wounds to her throat. and this morning, police say she's in critical but stable condition at a nearby hospital. yoselyn ortega had reportedly worked for the family for about a year. before that, marina krim, a pediatrician, had been a stay-at-home mom. ortega has no criminal record. "the new york post" is reporting that in the screening process, the family spent nine days in the dominican republic with her family before she was hired. again, the nanny renans the hospital in stable but critical condition. she has not been formally charged because of her medical condition. she is in police custody. as this investigation continues, a family continues to grieve, as well as an entire neighborhood. amy, back to you. >> all right, john muller, thank you. there really aren't words. it's an unimaginable tragedy. >> and the parents did everything right in terms of checking out this nanny as well. so horrible. >>> w
in the 49ers new stadium in santa clara, much of the party would be held in san francisco. this means san francisco will also reap the lion's share of profits that come with a super bowl. santa clara's mayor says it makes sense to him. >> we're all one region, the san francisco bay region. santa clara and san francisco have -- you know, we have a history going back to the mission and the presidio, so we are only separated by 40 miles and there will be 40 miles of parties i'm sure between. so i think it's okay for us to lemplg a leverage all the resources we have to showcase how great a place it is we live. >> the nfl requires a team to play two full seasons in its stadium before hosting a super bowl so 2016 would be the first chance the 49ers would be able to host that event. >>> if you're just ready to head out the door, get ready to face some fog. >> good morning to you. this is serious fog this morning reduced to less than a quarter of a mile visibility all across the bay area. this is the golden gate bridge. i wanted to show you above the fog we're getting a beautiful sunrise. it's go
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